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At the restaurant … eat organic, local … and vegan!

Geneviève Jadoul for the the Citizen’s Climate Collective group, to broaden access to vegan food (Organic and Local Consumption group)

We want to motivate restaurants to offer one or more vegan dishes on their menu. Many restaurants already offer vegetarian options. However, since the dairy industry is just as cruel and harmful to the environment as the meat industry, more and more people are trying to reduce their consumption of animal products and would be happy to see more vegan options in restaurants. Since vegan dishes can be eaten not only by vegans, but also by vegetarians, lactose-intolerant people and carnivores, restaurant owners would kill two birds with one stone.

The collective plans the following concrete actions:

  • Identify restaurants that already offer and display vegan options on their menu. This list will be published/posted/broadcast.
  • Ask the restaurant owners who already offer vegan dishes, but without realizing it, to add the qualification ‘vegan’ in the menu.
  • Offer concrete tips and tricks to restaurant owners, with which they can easily “veganize” some of their dishes (e.g. by removing or replacing an ingredient).
  • Offer our help in finding recipes or creating new vegan dishes that fit their basic concept.
  • To create a small awareness raising brochure, in order to put an end to the prejudices and fears that some restaurant owners may have: especially that vegan cuisine equals expensive, unhealthy, complicated cuisine. It will highlight the nutritional benefits of the products, the environmental advantages, as well as contribution to the respect of animals.
  • Thanking good practices with postcards as gifts.

The goal of our actions will not be to reprimand, nor to ask the restaurant owners to change their concept or rewrite their menu. The idea is to raise awareness, motivate, support and guide them. More choice equals more customers…it’s win-win!

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