Become national volunteer

Become national volunteer

The national service

In Luxembourg, we have the unique opportunity to have laws supporting volunteering projects. Thus, anyone aged 16 to 30 can volunteer for a maximum of one year. During this year, the volunteer is treated as a worker, so there is a contract of 30 to 35 hours of work per week, you will contribute to the pension fund, be covered by health insurance, and receive a salary. The advantage is that the government assumes all the expenses for both you and the organization.

The National Voluntary Service (SVN) allows you to live an enriching and varied experience thanks to a voluntary commitment in a host organization in Luxembourg to reveal your practical, social, and personal skills.

La Mesa, an approved place

In your work with us, you will be accompanied by Yasmin, the coordinator and her colleague Adriana, educational coordinator. Together we define a program at the start of volunteering; In addition to the association’s requirements (event work, communication, awareness raising), the volunteer can propose and choose to work on certain projects.

The main tasks of the volunteers are:

  • Educational: find educational tools around the existing ecology to make them better (books, magazines, explanatory sheets, games, videos, etc.). Develop the educational concept of Mesa, with tools like the climate fresque, educational sheets, etc.
  • Events: organize, promote and support events taking place at Mesa
  • Research: data analysis and research
  • Communication: learn to manage the communication of an association on different platforms

We are looking for a motivated, independent, initiative, responsive person. He / she should have good knowledge with social networks. You should also know that a good knowledge of French is necessary!

Our current volunteer is Benno. He is 21 and studied chemistry in the Netherlands for two years before dropping out in 2020. With all his spare time and wishing to gain experience in promoting sustainability among adults and children, creating an educational project and being generally in a working environment he discovered SVN and started his service in January 2021 for six months.

So, if you are between 16 and 30 years old, your legal residence is in Luxembourg and you are looking to give meaning to a stage of your life at the national level, to live a committed citizenship and to discover yourself? The SVN at Mesa could be for you! If so feel free to contact us at or at 26532670.