Mesa – Activities

Mesa – Activities

The Maison de la Transition is an association active for an inclusive, civic, and solidary ecological transition – a place of exchange, information, and mobilization for ecology.
Workshops, conferences, debates, film evenings and many other activities

Consult the agenda to follow our program. And above all, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas to share!

MISSION: The Mesa has numerous activities, with the missions to:

  • Offer a space for exchange, sharing and debate concerning the ecological transition, to conceive it together
  • Raise public awareness in an educational way, with a library, debates, activities, practical workshops
  • Encourage citizen initiatives on the theme of ecology and support volunteers leading projects
  • Offer a pleasant and convivial place, open to all, offering conferences, cultural events, workshops etc.

The activities are offered both by the Mesa team and by the active community of volunteers – your suggestions are welcome.

Events: When you register for an activity through our site, we ask for your email, so that we can notify you in case of any cancellation. We never pass this personal data on to a third party.

COVID Information:

ACTIVITIES: activities are maintained for March; a participatory worksite will be proposed to complete the workshop developments in April 2021.