Building collaborative alternatives and innovative local initiatives for the transition and circular economy.

Facilitec wants to address a need: Accompany, develop and offer forums for exchange and cooperation to create socioeconomic dynamics.

This physical place will support the emergence and implementation of innovative and long-term projects with the help of pre-existing local resources to enable the creation, capitalisation and the exchange of knowledge. Since there is no collaborative and circular economy without the participation of users, the project will be co-constructed with all the stakeholders.

Facilitec could be organised in different spaces according to the ideas that were put forward during the first reflections and that will be more thoroughly discussed and/or validated during the process : Spaces for entrepreneurs, repairers, sharers, creators, space for relaxation and « auberge espagnole », slow food, vegetal space, cultural space, space for education and pedagogy, for researchers

Facilitec is part of the community homes movement that reinvent work-life balance, hybrid places mixing private and public, where different people can meet and work together to support innovation, community harmony and conviviality to develop a sustainable and connected society.