Mesa – Team

Mesa – Team

The Mesa team, an association and a cooperative for a united and inclusive ecological transition in Esch!

In 2021, our team expanded at Mesa:

Yasmin Labidi, project manager and team coordinator

Former project manager at ZeroWaste Switzerland, Yasmin coordinated various projects in Switzerland and Egypt. She also brings skills in multilingual communication and political mobilization.

Adriana Lavillunière, pedagogical officer

With a long-term experience in popular education in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Rio in Brazil, Adriana has numerous skills related to education and communication with all segments of the population. In addition to this field experience, she worked in a town hall as a project manager.

Benno Simon, national volunteer

Studied biology in Maastricht and is interested in ecology. He supports the team of the permanent staff of the Mesa for activities, communication and the development of educational tools.

Silvie, Kitchen chef

Has a long-term experience in gastronomy, in France, Luxembourg and Canada. She specializes in vegetarian and dietetic cuisine and brilliantly prepares seasonal and vegetarian dishes for you every day, with local and organic products (vegetables produced by the CIGL of Esch).


Supports Silvie in the kitchen in the morning and during the lunch hour.

Sofia Santos

Provides the service at lunch time and works on the project delivery. Sofia has a long-term experience in DIY and circular economy, offering up-cycling workshops for young and old, and develops the aesthetic aspect of the Mesa – upcycled furniture, reusing materials …


Supports the service team in the morning.


Provides the Mesa service in the afternoon, offering her waffles, pancakes, and Luxembourgish specialties in a cosy atmosphere.


Supports the service team in the afternoon.


Has experience in masonry and as a building painter. He supports the logistics and the works of the Mesa.

Kati Kombia (comité TM)

Computer scientist in professional life, Kati participated in the creation of the AMAP Terre Citadine (F-Thionville). Following her move to Esch, she chose to engage herself in the NPO Transition Minett to develop the activity of Mesa and increase the impact of transition solutions in society.

Linda Ortolani (MESA comittee and AC TM)

A pedagogue and teacher by training, Linda has great affection for her hometown and has recently joined the TM Board of Directors hoping to be able to contribute "her small part" to participate in change, improvement and improvement. to the evolution towards a city where life is good, a city which celebrates the spirit of the community while respecting our mother nature.