The fist season is finished ! All the episodes here: https://www.ara.lu/shows/transition-talks/ or on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1zKwut2eRNoXzN9CkEEwkX?si=boz29bEBRfKKIU1U9pS_OA

Transitions Talks is a podcast on ecological and social transition in Luxemburg to discover each month new inspiring initiatives in the country. From food waste to sustainable construction, from zero waste to permaculture and renewable energies, we’ll talk about many different topics. This podcast is a co-production by Radio Ara and the Asbl Transition Minett, in collaboration with CELL – the transition hub. Find all our episodes : RadioAra, I-Tunes or Spotify or below.

Episode 1  – The ecological transition in Luxemburg, with Delphine Dethier, CELL (50 min) (in French)

Delphine Dethier from CELL in the studio with Yasmin Labidi

Episode 2 – Food in Luxemburg, with Marine Henry, Altercoop, Daniel Waxweiler, Foodsharing Luxembourg and Karine Paris, Mesa (1hr) (in French and Luxemburgish)

From left to right : Marine, Altercoop ; Gohar, Radio Ara ; Daniel Waxweiler, Foodsharing ; Yasmin, Transition Minett/Mesa and Karine, Mesa

Episode 3Energy and ressources in Luxemburg (1hr), with Albert Kalmes (TM EnerCoop) et Sarah (Colab) – in Luxemburgish

Our guests Albert, Enercoop and Sarah, Colab in the Radio Ara studio with Sarah Graf and Gohar Shorayan

Episode 4Circular economy (1hr), with Caroline Holz (Facilitec) and Ahoua Bakayoko (Miss Bak)

A great moment with Caroline Holze (left) and Ahoua Bakayoko from Miss Bak, in the Radio Ara studio in Esch.
More content:

Podcast: France Culture, Economics of scarcity, episode 4: The challenges of circular economy // Book: Repar #2–Bellastock-018 // Film  «Sacrée croissance» by Marie-Monique Robin (2013)

Episode 5: Self reflection, professional transition, education and childhood (with Carine Carboni, EmoSkills and Cécile Devroye, Reconomy and co-créateurs, in Esch)

Episode 6Citizen mobilisation: with Magali, Frères des hommes and Lisa and Sarah, Youth for Climate Luxembourg (1hr, in Luxembourgish)