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♻️ Call for action!♻️ 

Let’s turn to the reusable!

Citizens, let’s put an end to the disposable – LET’S TALK 🤝 about the reusable options ♻️ that exist in our SHOPS and RESTAURANTS, ♻️ like the Ecobox  and Spin cup https://www.valorlux or Luloop (

Luxembourg has adopted a Zero Waste strategy (Null Offall) encouraging the reduction of waste since 2020. Since 2023, ⚠️REUSABLE tableware is MANDATORY for meals consumed ON SITE in restaurants.⚠️

La Mesa, Maison de la Transition, operates in a system that is as Zero Waste as possible.

We encourage our consumers to bring their own containers, cups or tupperware. This reduces:

– Trash
– Food waste.

Interested in the process? You will find ECOBOX information flyers at Mesa.

You can also write to us at: