Reconomy – Esch

REconomy – Esch

The project to mobilise the citizens of Esch-sur-Alzette is build on the vision to promote individual, collective wellbeing avec the goal to bring solutions and actions to the community.

Today multiple projects are happening:

  • Velorution: Bike rides through the city to promote the use of bikes as a transportation method.
  • Your dog, your responsibility: actions to sensiblise dog owners to pick up their respective dumping.
  • Party in the parc Laval: yearly community party in the parc
  • Urban/citizen workshops: developing propositions on how to make public spaces more attractive (vegetation, urban planning, etc)
  • T.R.E.C.C. (Tables Rondes d’Échange et de Collaboration Communautaires): a Platform for the different public actors within Esch to exchange their ideas (in collaboration with Inter-Actions Esch)

Contact : Eric Weirich :